The Role of Bankers

What do they do, anyways?

Investment bankers are wildly misunderstood.. and we do our best to add to the confusion. So, let's summarize what a good investment banker can do for you and your company. First off, a good banker can help you "package" your story - especially through the lense of the financial community - hopefully helping you articulate not just "what you do" but "how your business model is strong and / or unique" and "why this is good time to invest precious capital or time". Next, a good banker will have an established network of relevant contacts in the financial community and can properly introduce you / initiate a meaningful set of discussions. Finally, in the context of a transaction, a good banker provides experienced guidance through the due diligence process, thoughtful and realistic financial analysis to support your business plan and transaction structuring experience to help make sure all the parties can reach the finish line and close. Pro -tip: every business owner should have at least a few investment bankers in their "circle of trust" to make introductions, serve as a "sounding board" and provide general advice over time. Need to get started? Drop me a note and let's see if I can help in any way.